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Managing a successful Corporate exit

I recently reviewed the Orientation program for my company to include a module on exiting the company.

It was curious to teach people who were just joining the company how to exit. But I found it had become necessary. After the Christmas Holiday timed with payment of performance bonus, HR informed me that some staff did not resume in the New Year as expected.

It wasn’t so much as the disruption to the workflow but a reminder to me that my work relationship with these team members was not strong enough for them to resign properly or they just did not know how.
So I set out to remedy this.

I think having tough conversations needs to be taught as people would naturally evade, drop a letter and disappear if permitted. I find that this is inadequate for a work relationship built over the years.

Exit interview, role accountability and handover , proper notice period and all is good, but what I consider great is giving me the chance to celebrate you for the time we had you here and send you forth into your greener future.
Exiting properly also leaves the door open for a possible return in the future.

Fare thee well!

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