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IPI in Cairo, Egypt

International Packaging Industry was at the IntraAfrican Trade Fair in Cairo, Egypt. 11th-17th December 2018.

welcome to ipi!

International Packaging Industries of Nigeria Plc was established as a paper producing and conversion company.

The major activities of the company are printing,  production  of  exercise books, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, gift packaging as well as  importation and sale of paper.


To be the foremost paper packaging company delivering high quality products with excellent service to our esteemed customers


We are driven to achieve superior packaging for our customers through our relentless focus on our five imperatives; Resilience, Integrity, Service and Excellence.


Pharmaceutical Packaging

Durable Packaging Box

Cosmetics Packaging

Gift Boxes

Motivational Mondays

with the MD
Communication with our clients has become easier with technology.

Instead of letter writing with paper, we have emails. Instead of faxing documents, we can now scan them. In place of physical meetings, we can use virtual meeting apps or video calls to relate.

However, with these tools comes a need for a higher level of emotional intelligence and a sense of responsibility. We are still required to maintain professional etiquette in our communications.

The use of Whatsapp as a means of communication should not mean we use common abbreviations, endearments and emojis to communicate with clients even where we have a friendly relationship outside the corporate one.

It also does not mean that we can flood the client’s wall with videos, photos and other content that are not business related.

While emails remain the best for professional communication, where we must use a social media platform, then our messages must be constructed in a formal and professional manner.

And of course, no slang is allowed.

My very best wishes

Ifeyinwa Okafor


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Business Day Celebrating 50 Inspiring Nigerian Women

Business Day Celebrating 50 Inspiring Nigerian Women

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IPI AGM 2021

IPI AGM 2021

On the 15th July 2021, International Packaging Industries of Nig Plc held its 55th AGM. Present were Company Directors and Management Staff, Shareholders and External Auditors; AJ & E Parlance Chartered Accountants , Company Registrars; Cardinal Stone Registrars...

Happy Worker’s Day

Happy Worker’s Day

May 01. 2021To All our Staff , Today I celebrate you for all the honest hard-work you put in to building this great company.Despite the macro economic challenges, we dive in daily and bring forth our best work driven by our CORE values of Resilience, Integrity,...

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